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About Us
Junel Davidsen
is a professional genealogist with experience in finding missing heirs and descendants.
Other services also available: 
  • locating documents at courthouses, libraries and repositories
  • helping family historians with research to remove 'roadblocks' (help with problem solving)
  • instructional programs and classes
Junel worked for county government for several years before retiring to work as a genealogist. She is committed to helping people solve problems sometimes encountered in family history research and research methodology.
We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your heir finding needs and family history projects.
Location: Salinas, CA 93912
Hours: Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

  • "Thank-you! The money couldn't have come at a better time."
  • "When I received the information, I danced around the room."
  • "I never knew my ancestor was involved in such an historic event."
  • "Thank you very much. I am now in phone contact with my brother."
  • "With your help, I found the farm in Norway where a duplicate of our family photo was hanging on the wall!"
Professional Service:
    • Reasonable Rates
    • City of Salinas License
    • Member, Association of Professional Genealogists
    • $1 million liability insurance
Specializes in Courthouse Research

San Benito Hall of Records, 1912
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